Saturday, July 18, 2009

The security Police have investigated Shadi Sadr's office and home
On the heel of the July 17, 2009 illegal arrest of Shadi Sadr, apprehended on Keshavarz Boulevard by plainclothes government officers en route to the site of Friday Prayers, her spouse Hossein Niachian, sent word that several officers had introduced themselves to him as security forces. An hour beforehand, they had searched throughout their home and office, taking away some papers, documents, and two computer cases that had belonged to their little daughter and him. The inspection took several hours, as they ransacked the house and their ten-year-old daughter was present.

Then the officials demanded from Niachian that he leave for them the key to Sadr’s office, and after he expressed he didn’t know of the key’s whereabouts, they announced that they would go themselves to her law office and would search it.
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