Sunday, July 5, 2009

Names of 26 victims

Following names are put together by human rights activists in Iran.
1. Mohammad Hossein Barzegar (m) 25. Shot in the head.
2. Seyed Reza Tabatabai (m) 30. Shot in the head.
3.Iman Hashemi (m) 27. Shot in the eye.
4. Parisa Kolli (f) 25. Shot in the neck.
5. Mohsen Haddadi (m) , 24. Shot in the face.
6. Mohammad Nikzadi (m), 22. Shot in the chest.
7. Ali Shahedi (m), 24. Died at police station.
8. Vahed Akbari (m) 34.
9. Abolfazl Habdollahi (m), 21. Shot from behind.
10. Salar tahmasbi (m), 27. Shot in the forehead.
11. Fahimeh Salahshoor (f), 25. Leaded to death after getting beaten by policy.
12. Vahid Reza Tabatabai (m), 29. Shot in the head.

Name of 14 others that was officially announced:

Neda Sultan Agha (f), Fateme Barati (f), Fatemeh RajabPour (f) and her daughter, Kasra Sharafi (f), Mobina Ehterami (f), Kambiz Shoaai (m) , Mohsen Imani (m) , Nasser Amirnejad (m) , Iman Namazi (m) , Mostafa Ghanian (m) , Bahman Jenabi (m) , Ashkan Sohrabi (m) and Kave alikor (m) .

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