Monday, July 27, 2009

Amir Javadi Langroodi´s father: They told me to come and my son's body.

Letter from Amir Javadi Langroodi´s father
" They just called from Evin prison and said I should to mourge and get my son's body. My son was arrested July 9 in the neighborhood around Amirabad civilian dressed police and was taken to hospital after he got beaten.
From there he was transported to the Evin prison. Now they want me to come and get my young 24-year-old son's body.
My son Amir Javad Langroodi was not involved in politics but he loved his country. He had recently lost his mother and mourned her. Now I have to mournne him and no mother who can cry for him. "
Ali Javad Langroodi


  1. Don't forget and don't forgive.

    How much evil can be swallow.
    30 years................

  2. How Iranian can killed another Iranian.
    The rulers are not Iranian, they are the enemies of the Iranian people.