Thursday, July 30, 2009

Neda’s Mother Holds Solitary Candle Vigil While Her Memorial Service is Violently Attacked
(30 July 2009) Thousands of people gathered to commemorate the fortieth day of Neda Agha Soltan’s killing and to mourn all other recent deaths at Behesht Zahra Cemetery today. The peaceful gathering was attacked violently by Special Guards and plain-clothes Basij agents, the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran said. Security forces also prevented Mir Hussein Moussavi and Mehdi Karrubi from participating in the memorial services.

Neda’s mother, Hajer Rostami Motlagh, who had previously announced her intention to go to her daughter’s grave for the memorial service, announced last night that for unspecified reasons she and her family had cancelled their plan to go to Behesht Zahra.
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Neda´s mother holding vigil at a park near her home

Neda´s tomb

"You have five minutes!", says plain cloth agent to Neda´s family and friends.

Memorial in Iran July 30


Abbaas Abad-Tehran

Shiraz, Esfahan, Tabriz Mashhad

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Pictures from todays gathering in beeheshte Zahra cemetary in Tehran

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Iran police arrest mourners in cemetery memorial

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iranian police arrested mourners who gathered at a Tehran cemetery to commemorate victims of the unrest that followed the country's disputed June presidential election, witnesses said on Thursday.

The police forced Mirhossein Mousavi, a defeated candidate at the election, to leave the cemetery.

"Hundreds have gathered around Neda Agha-Soltan's grave to mourn her death and other victims' deaths ... police arrested some of them ... dozens of riot police also arrived and are trying to disperse the crowd," a witness told Reuters.

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"I couldn't even recognize his face in the morgue"


Kianoush Asa's brother: What was my brother's sin that I couldn't even recognize his face in the morgue?
If he was shot in his heap on June 15, why was there a bullet in his face? When was that fired?
If he was just on June 15 why was the death announced on the 19th? What happened in these days?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Amir Javadi Langroodi´s father: They told me to come and my son's body.

Letter from Amir Javadi Langroodi´s father
" They just called from Evin prison and said I should to mourge and get my son's body. My son was arrested July 9 in the neighborhood around Amirabad civilian dressed police and was taken to hospital after he got beaten.
From there he was transported to the Evin prison. Now they want me to come and get my young 24-year-old son's body.
My son Amir Javad Langroodi was not involved in politics but he loved his country. He had recently lost his mother and mourned her. Now I have to mournne him and no mother who can cry for him. "
Ali Javad Langroodi

Ramin was tortured to death

Ramin Gharemani called for interrogation after he has been identified in a surveillance camera at a demonstration.
He was released after being locked in 15 days.
After release he says to his mother that they tortured him in prison by hanging him from hooks in the ceiling. Ramin´s mother has seen signs of beating on son's body.
Ramin died in hospital skjukhus for "blood propagate in the chest".

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mohsen Ruh-ol-Amini's father: My son was killed under torture

Iranbaan- Fereshte Ghazi

Mohsen Ruh-ol-Amini's funeral tomorrow @ 4pm in Balal mosque. Karoubi will attend.

Infectious diseases & meningitis are raging in the prisons.

Min. of health, during the past days we've send over 2k strong Penicillin & anti-Meningitis shots to prisons.

Mohsen's mather: My Mohsen's gone, worry about the other Mohsens.
Mohsen's father: To receive the body they made us sign an undertaking not to sure anyone.

He didn't receive medical attention after being injured, his blood got infected & got meningitis from 40° fever

Mohsen Ruh-ol-Amini's father: My son was beaten to death & killed under torture.

Mohsen Ruh-ol-Amini was arrested on July 9th by plain cloths & taken to the police in Amirabad (Kargar) ave.

Mousavi / Karoubi supporters have announced they will be at IRIB's Balal mosque tomorrow chanting Allah-o-Akbar.

Friday, July 24, 2009

"I, his mother – day and night I am asking God to put an end to this oppression"

Sohrab's mother at Tehran´s City Council
" My 19 year old child who has not yet even been given the entrance examination for his Bachelors Degree, a child who hadn’t yet reached for any of his wishes, is assassinated by whom? And by whose order? and why? I ask the City Council, what had my son asked of you? Of the government? Of the country? We just wanted tranquility, liberty, my son was just thinking about who he would vote for, and then asking “Where has my vote gone…?” He asked for nothing more, he was just killed because he was supporter of Mr. Mousavi… for what kind of crime was he killed…? My son was just a 19 year old boy…. He hadn’t yet reached for any of his wishes… I, his mother – day and night I am asking God to put an end to this oppression…."
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Mohsen Ruh-ol-aminis, 25 killed under torture!

about 1 hour ago from web Mohsen Ruh-ol-aminis body (Son of Abdolhossein Ruh-ol-amini (Rezaie's #iranelection advisor) was returned to his family.

about 1 hour ago from web ... 25-year-old Mohsen Ruh-ol-amini was arrested near in home in Nosrat ave on July 9th. #iranelection

... While Mohsen's family had received news that he would be released soon, they received his dead body. #iranelection


A young Iranian man arrested in protests against President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's disputed re-election has died after over a week in custody, two reformist newspapers reported on Saturday.

"Mohsen Ruholamini, arrested in July 9 gatherings ... was killed," Etemad newspaper reported, quoting a pro-opposition website.

The newspaper did not elaborate on what actually caused Ruholamini's death in detention.
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Families of prisonors planing a protest action in front of Evin prison tomorrow morning.

Families of prisonors planing a protest action in front of Evin prison tomorrow morning.

Sohrab Arabi´s mother testifies about Sohrab for Tehran´s city council (Farsi)

With greetings to the Tehran City Council and friends. Please hear my painful story as a resident of Tehran. I lost my son on Monday 25 of Khordad (15 June) during a peaceful rally that was taking place to protest the election results. With the crowds estimated at minimum 3 million, many people were lost and I too lost my son. The mobiles were cut off and I couldn’t reach him – I searched everywhere for him and went back home and found he was not there either so I went back to Azadi Square to keep searching for him. The atmosphere was terrible, so much tear gas everywhere, it felt more like a battle ground and I have been sick ever since with chest problems. I couldn’t find my child and I returned home and together with the sons of my relatives we searched every hospital and police station and we didn’t get a response – my son did not have his ID card with him; he just had a bit of money on him to go and buy test papers at Enghelab Sqaure to prepare for the university entrance exams coming up.
Whole testimony (>>

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mothers breaking the silence: Sohrab´s, Neda´s and Ashkan´s mothers met women activists

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Family member of killed demonstrator arrested

Iranbaan:Father of Masood Hashemzadeh (a recent martyr) arrested by plain cloths.
Plain cloths raided Hashemzadeh residence, collected black fabric, photos & messages then arrested his father.
Masoud Hashemzadeh died of a bullet to his heart on June 21 in Shademan ave., north of Azadi st.
Hashemzadeh family were banned from holding funerals & after 25 days they recently hung black fabric.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Amnesty: Mourning mothers weep for victims of excessive force in Iran

As time goes on, the official Iranian figures of up to 21 people killed during the demonstrations against the disputed election result look increasingly meagre.

Information remains extremely hard to come by, with swingeing restrictions in place on the transfer of news and videos out of Iran. Over the last week, the number of photo-journalists in detention has risen to seven.

Many Iranians are now simply too frightened to pass on verifiable details of human rights violations. Yet the stories which are trickling out of Iran show a different picture.

Take the case of 19 year-old Sohrab Arabi. He went to express his feelings about the election three days afterwards at a demonstration on 15 June. After that time, his family heard nothing about him for over three weeks, despite his mother’s constant searching at prisons and courts for news about his fate.
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Breaking the silence: Meysam Ebadi, 17, shot to death June 13

Meysam Ebadi, 17 years old was shot to death June 12 in Sadeghiye square in Tehran.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mourning Mothers breaking the silence

"My son had become more hopeful about life lately. I had never seen Masood so happy. He was a calm and patient son. His passion was actually arts not politics. But he became involved in the last election."
Fateme Mohseni mother of Masood Hashmzade who was shot down in the street protests.

18 years old died of injuries

Fereshte Ghazi, Iranbaan: 18-year-old Mohammad Kamrani who was arrested on July 19 protests died of his injuries.

Monday, July 20, 2009

A mother´s letter to her daughter in prison: "In this country it is a crime to defend human rights. "

My dearest Shiva
This last month you've been away from us, I have sought the memory of you all over the house and recalled memories from your childhood. When you were born, when you fought against death at the hospital in Tajrish.
The month has been like a century for me. Wondering if you get enough food i prison, how you're sleeping on hard floor on a thin blanket.
I ask myself if those who took you and others from their mothårs, if they have children? They certainly have. But they are not mothers.
My only small satisfaction these days has been that I am not alone. When I go to the Revolution Court, Evin prison and other authorities, I meet hundreds of mothers who also are looking for their children but do not get a response.
Shiva, you do not know what we have gone through without you. Young men and woken whoes only crime was that they had green shawl around the head bathed in blood and met their creator and their mothers weep blood.
When I see these mothers, I am glad you are not here. Because I would not be able to make you keep quiet. You feel the pain and sorrow of people and it was the offense thet got you to solitary confinement for so long.
For in our country, it is a crime to defend human rights.

Shahrzad Kariman mother of Shiva Nazar A’hari, human rights activist, who have been arrested for 36 days

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mourning Mothers´ persian site

Judge Hadad’s Office Denies Accepting Bail to Release Shadi

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Nobel Peace Laureate Shirin Ebadi´s letter to Mourning Mothers of Iran

Conscientious women of the world:
The tragedy in Iran is much larger than we had imagined. People who took to the streets to express their objection to the election results peacefully were met with bullets and truncheons.
Many of those who survived the confrontations were arrested in the days that followed the protests.
Iran's state radio and television broadcasts initially announced the number killed as eight and later eleven. However, more than twenty-five days after the street demonstrations, there are still many who have disappeared and their names are not on the lists of those who have been killed or arrested.
Many mothers have been anxiously going to any authorities who may give them information about their disappeared loved ones but have received no answers.

Now that families are slowly receiving the bodies of their slain children, it has become clear that the number of fatalities is much higher than what the government of the Islamic Republic has published.
Moreover, the families are being forced to sign legal covenants that they would not disclose how and when their loved ones died. But it is not possible to hide the truth forever, and it is not possible to silence the cries, so the tragedy of the past weeks is showing larger in
the eyes of the Iranian people as days pass.

Many mothers whose children were killed, are still among the disappeared or are in prisons have formed the Committee of Mourning Mothers.

Every Saturday from 7 to 8 PM, the members of this committee and other women who empathize with them dress in black and gather in public parks in their cities and towns to stand vigil and silently express their pain.

I would like to express my deep sorrow and condolences to the mothers who have lost their loved ones for freedom and democracy in Iran, and I stand in solidarity with women who are still searching for their disappeared and the large number of young Iranian women and men who are
now in prisons because of their civil activism.
I invite all freedom loving women of the world to dress in black and gather in solidarity with the Committee of Mourning Mothers every Saturday in their own cities and towns to help make their voices heard throughout the world.

Shirin Ebadi
More (Farsi)>>

For support of Mourning Mothers Vienna July 11

Shaiva Nazar A’hari

Shaiva Nazar A’hari, human rights activists, who have been arrested for 36 days, has not been briefed her charges yet. Sahrzad Kaiman, Shiva’s mother, said she’s worried about her daughter’s being kept in solitary.
- I’'ll sue against their treating Shiva illegally.

Mahsa Amarabadi

Mahsa Amrabadi’s mother: Tehran’s prosecuter told me their investigation might take 6 months. I’ll sue against violation of my daughter and son in law’s legal rights.

My daughter's life is in danger.

Hengame Shahid's mother worries about her daughter's health but no official authorities will listen to her.
- All day I have been to different authorities. This morning when we were outside the Evin prison. They chased us away and humiliated us. The same thing happened at the Revolution Court.
Hangame has a serious heart problem but no body wants to hear this mother´s concern.
- They put pressure on us not to talk to media. But that silence leads nowhere. Now I have been without any information about my daughter in three weeks.
Hengame´s mother mentioned Sohrab and Nedas death and said:
- As a mother, I understand their parents very well. And now I can not keep quiet any more when my daughter's life is in danger.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

For support of Mourning Mothers- Stockholm July 18

Join the mothers today!

July 18 the mourning mothers of Iran plan to continute ther peaceful protest in Laleh park, other parks i Tehran and alla over Iran. They need our support:

In Iran:
Don't let mothers be alone. Go to the park between 19:00 and 20:00. Give them your condolences, a flower. Sit beside them at the benches. Tie a black ribbon on the tree, bring a candle


Arrange support actions in your cities. Write to women organisation. Contact the media. Send condolences trough this site and others to the mothers.

Interview with Shadi Sadr´s husband

From Fereshte Ghazi ( interview with Shadi Sadr´s husband Hosssein Nilchian (summary from twitter)

"It seems that they saved a piece for Shadi in their jigsaw, they’re trying to complete.
Yesterday, a few hours after her arrest, security forces searched Shadi’s house.
Her belongings and manuscripts, her, her husband, her daughter’s PC, & Nilchian’s photography were taken from Shadi’s house
- They showed a warrant and said they are from security police; Then they searched the whole house.
With Shadi’s being arrested, her client, having been sentenced to death, has to attend the court alone today without lawyer.
They could have arrested her in house or work place or summoned her to court instead of kidnapping her intimidatingly and savagely. Her identity, work place, and address are known to the authorities.
There hadn’t been any clashes in the place they arrested her, proving that this was not at all an accident."

The security Police have investigated Shadi Sadr's office and home
On the heel of the July 17, 2009 illegal arrest of Shadi Sadr, apprehended on Keshavarz Boulevard by plainclothes government officers en route to the site of Friday Prayers, her spouse Hossein Niachian, sent word that several officers had introduced themselves to him as security forces. An hour beforehand, they had searched throughout their home and office, taking away some papers, documents, and two computer cases that had belonged to their little daughter and him. The inspection took several hours, as they ransacked the house and their ten-year-old daughter was present.

Then the officials demanded from Niachian that he leave for them the key to Sadr’s office, and after he expressed he didn’t know of the key’s whereabouts, they announced that they would go themselves to her law office and would search it.
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Friday, July 17, 2009

Free Shadi Sadr

Facebook group for support of Shadi Sadr

Join the mothers tomorrow!

July 18 the mourning mothers of Iran plan to continute ther peaceful protest in Laleh park, other parks i Tehran and alla over Iran. They need our support:

In Iran:
Don't let mothers be alone. Go to the park between 19:00 and 20:00. Give them your condolences, a flower. Sit beside them at the benches. Tie a black ribbon on the tree, bring a candle

Arrange support actions in your cities. Write to women organisation. Contact the media. Send condolences trough this site and others to the mothers.

Amnesty: Alarm at violent arrest of women's rights activist Shadi Sadr

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Another report on arrest of Shadi Sadr

From (Translation

We were heading towards Keshavarz Blvd, not even reaching the middle of the boulevard, when someone approached me and said, “You’re coming with me. The others go.” Shadi and I were looking at him with surprise, and one of the motorists said to him, “Not that one, this one.” They were dressed in civilian clothes (probably security forces) and went towards Shadi. Shadi was shaken up and taken by surprise. Suddenly she was then taken away and kept in a Peugeot car. Me and a friend started to yell, “Where are you taking her?!!” That’s also when Shadi tried to struggle and started to cry for help, pounding the car door. My friend then tried to open the door, and we were pulling Shadi out but an official who was inside the car was grabbing onto her. He was pulling onto her in such a way that her manteau (overcoat) was coming off but one of my friends still held onto Shadi’s hand and her blouse and pants that were once intact started to come off when caught in the car. At that time she escaped. The officials in civilian clothing and also me and my friend were running after her. It was then one of the officials from the opposite side attacked her and was pulling onto her scarf. Shadi was resisting his force when the scarf came undone. Shadi again escaped. This time two other people appeared unexpectedly, one of them carrying a spiral baton. They took Shadi and beat her violently while she continued to resist them. We weren’t allowed to go towards her. By force they had taken her and put her in the car. The official manhandled Shadi and it was apparent that for them, her hejab wasn’t even important!! When they brought her to the car, they didn’t even give her the scarf back. The car turned around and sped away. It’s true that no one, other than me and my friend did anything. Maybe if we were more in number, we wouldn’t have let them take her.

Shadi wanted to give her bag to us when the motorist shouted from afar “Keep hold of her bag!” Everyone became shocked that they couldn’t react. We have never seen an official order or identification from these paramilitary forces and we have no idea who they are.

Shadi Sadr, Iranian women's rights activist, lawyer and journalist arrested

Shadi Sadr, Iranian women's rights activist, lawyer and journalist was kidnapped earlier today (17 July) by civil dressed individuals.
Sadr was accompanied by some other women activist when she was on her way to Tehran University to participate in Friday pray in Tehran. Witnesses report that Shahdi Sadr was forced to follow people who refuse to show any policy certificate. The civil dressed individual used violence in order to force Sadr into their car.
Mir-Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Kharroubi have announced earlier that they will join former President Ahbar Hashemi Rafsanjani who will lead the Friday pray today in Tehran. Most of the protesters to the recent election had planned to participate in today's' Friday pray in order to continue to show their protest.
May 2004 shadi Sadr was awarded the Ida B. Wells Award for Bravery in Journalism. The kidnapping of Shadi Sadr is very disturbing news. Over one thousand people have been arrested during the last weeks in Tehran and othe cities in Iran. Many families still do not know where their relatives are.
The mysterious kidnapping of Shadi Sadr wakes the upsetting memories of serial murders and disappearances of dissident intellectuals in the 1990s who had been critical of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The brutal treatment of Iranian dissidents gave us all right to worry greatly for Shadi Sadr and
all other arrested and kidnapped people in Iran right now.

Shadi has called her husband asked her cellphone pin code!

Urgent: Women right activist Shadi Sadr kidnapped in the street by plain clothes!

More to come!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mothers: Don´t leave us alone!

July 18 the mourning mothers of Iran plan to continute ther peaceful protest in Laleh park, other parks i Tehran and alla over Iran. They need our support:

In Iran:
Don't let mothers be alone. Go to the park between 19:00 and 20:00. Give them your condolences, a flower. Sit beside them at the benches. Tie a black ribbon on the tree, bring a candle

Arrange support actions in your cities. Write to women organisation. Contact the media. Send condolences trough this site and others to the mothers.

World supports mothers

Messages to the mourning mothers in the net:

Mourning Mothers Of Iran,World hasn't forgot your pain My friends from the south speak of U daily.Plz let them know!

I am so moved by the courage of the Mourning Mothers and the great women of Iran. God bless you

Mourning Mothers your courage and determination lifts me up. I pray for you and your precious loved ones.

I pray for the Mourning Mother of Sohrab A'rabi who was killed in Evin prison. Embrace / support Mourning Mothers

im crying 4 one of mourning mothers who has now lost her son from being tortured to death

Amnesty: Arrests and deaths continue as authorities tighten grip

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mourning mothers third statemet: We wont forget!

"This Saturday will be the fourth Saturday we, mourning mothers, will gather in Tehran parks.
We will be there in silence without any slogans or signs. We will give each other our condolences and show that the time and place were Neda Agha Soltan was brutally killed wont be forgotten.
Let oss remember Sohrab Arabi too whose lovefull heart became the target of enemies of freedom at afternoon of June 15."

Support the mothers!

Mothers need our support. We wont let these brave women who lost their children stand alone against militia and police.
These last Saturdays police forces have harassed the mothers and forced the out from parks. Those mothers who resisted got arrested.
In Iran:
Don't let mothers be alone. Go to the park between 19:00 and 20:00. Give them your condolences, a flower. Sit beside them at the benches. Tie a black band on the tree, bring a candle
Arrange support actions in your cities. Write to women organisation. Contact the media. Send condolences trough this site and others to the mothers.

Interview with Sohrab´s brother

More (Farsi)

Sohrab´s mother talking to Mourning mothers

Watch at tinypic

Security forces surround funeral site

On the Behesht Zahra cemetery grounds outside Tehran, at the site where Sohrab’s body is being washed, everyone is in chatter. Everyone is present: activists from the women’s rights movement, ...

More >>

Sohrab´s mother mourning

"You all know how they killed my baby cowardly. They sent me around in 26 days.
They told me he was in Evin. But they shot him in the heart.
They are cowards!
I need to tell my story. No one can stop me!

Support the mothers!

Mothers need our support. We wont let these brave women who lost their children stand alone against militia and police.
These last Saturdays police forces have harassed the mothers and forced the out from parks. Those mothers who resisted got arrested.
In Iran:
Don't let mothers be alone. Go to the park between 19:00 and 20:00. Give them your condolences, a flower. Sit beside them at the benches. Tie a black band on the tree, bring a candle
Arrange support actions in your cities. Write to women organisation. Contact the media. Send condolences trough this site and others to the mothers.

Mourning mothers third statemet: We wont forget!

This Saturday will be the fourth Saturday we, mourning mothers, will gather in Tehran parks.
We will be there in silence without any slogans or signs. We will give each other our condolences and show that the time and place were Neda Agha Soltan was brutally killed wont be forgotten.
Let oss remember Sohrab Arabi too whose lovefull heart became the target of enemies of freedom at afternoon of June 15.

142 detainees transfered from Kahrizak to Evin prison

This information comes from a prison supervisor who announced the names. These prisoners were arrested July 9 and ended up in Kahrizak prison. Yesterday July 14 they were transfered to Evin:
"They are under temporary arrest which means there is no bail or lawyer. Don´t expect any releases. We will not free them before an direct order from juridical authorities. When the order comes you [families] have to go to revolutionary court and take care of bail and other papers.
Names >>

Parvin Fahimi Sohrabs mothers interview wth BBC persian


"Respect the civil rights!"

Open letter from Association for political prisoners and a group of lawyers:

A large group of journalists, political activists and civil rights activists and students have been arrested after election day and their families still have not received any information on their fates.
Since these families have turned to our association and the lawyers on the signatories to this letter, we urge those responsible for the last few weeks arrests under sections 22,32,35 and 37 and the law of respect for civil rights, to organize phone calls for thoes arrested. Since many have been in custody inmore than two weeks, they have the right to receive visits by their families.

"When will this darkness end?"

Today had some relatives of political prisoners a press conference in the office of Association for support of political prisoners in Tehran.
- The isolation of the prisoners, the total silence about their fate and the athorities empty words and promises have created a huge anxiety among the families. Representatieves of regim are constantly talking about the good order in the Islamic Republic but they stop the legal process when it comes to politiscal prioners.
"My husband got arrested abort a month ago but we never get any information abort his well being", ”Why not tell us where they are,” "Who is responsible for Pasdarans Security forces?"
There are issues that all families are today.

More (Farsi)>>

Missing Iranians go 'off the radar'
Families camp outside prison, waiting for word of loved ones detained in post-election crackdown
Lee Keath

CAIRO, Egypt – Several dozen families camp outside Iran's daunting Evin prison, trying to learn the fate of loved ones who vanished in post-election turmoil.

A month into the government crackdown on protests, the number of people killed and arrested remains unknown, but human rights groups believe the death toll is far higher than the official figure of 20.

Many of at least 500 people known to have been arrested have disappeared in prisons, held in secret locations and barred from contact with families.

Rights groups say dozens of others have not been heard from since the protests and their relatives don't know whether they are alive or dead.

About 50 men and women held vigil over the weekend before the gates of Evin, the main prison for political detainees, waiting for news of their relatives, a witness told The Associated Press.
More >>

"My son had just a green band on him. But he faced bullets"

Parvin Fahimi, Sohrabs mother talks to Mir Hossein Mousavi and his wife Zahra Rahnavard. (Farsi)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Sohrab! Open your eyes. Your mother is looking at you"

25 days of uncertainty: Report about Sohrab Arabi´s mother Parvin Fahimi´s struggle to find her son.
More >>

Latest new about arrested demonstrators

Change for equality:Today July 14 when relatives of the arrested turned to the Revolution Court and Evin prison they did not get any information abort their loved ones. The notice was, without any further explanation, to come back on Saturday.
According to the relatives the only existing information is a list of names of 185 arrested, 36 of those women who are in Evin. Some of those arrested have been moved to Kahrizak arrest.
But there are also families who have no information at abort their disappeared family members. Many of these families have been pressured into silence by the authorities.

Unidentified bodies kept i southeast of Tehran

"The bodies of hundreds of dead demonstrators kept in cold stores in southwestern Theran.
While many worried families of the demonstrators who disappeared turn to Iranian authorities and courts in the hope of finding information some of these families being called to non-official places to identify their children's bodies. These relatives must sign document saying that the person has died of natural causes.

According Norooz reporter had a mother who wishes to remain anonymous to go to a cold room intended for vegetables in the southwest of Tehran, and browse through a collection of pictures of dead bodies.
- It took half an hour to see all the pictures. Then I saw the bodies that had been stacked one upon the other.
She did not find her child's body, but passed out of the terrible scene."

Pressure on families of detainees not to talk

By Fereshte Ghazi
While no one in the Islamic Republic judiciary is willing to take responsibility for the mass arrests following the June 12 coup, authorities from the judiciary are putting pressure on families of detainees to prevent them from conducting interviews and talking about their loved ones.

While no one in the Islamic Republic judiciary is willing to take responsibility for the mass arrests following the June 12 coup, authorities from the judiciary are putting pressure on families of detainees to prevent them from conducting interviews and talking about their loved ones. Several of the families emphasized to Rooz that “judge Haddad, who is in charge of the detainee cases related to the post election crises, has threatened the families that if they spoke to anyone about their detainees, they would not be given any news about their loved ones and their detentions would be lengthened.”

Judge Haddad heads Branch 26 of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran and has presided over the cases of many political activists, journalists and students in recent years.

More >>

Monday, July 13, 2009

Spreading news about detainees helps!

Mehdi Saharkhiz son of Is Saharkhiz one of detainees:
The more news about him [his father] the harder for them [Iranian regime]to torture. Thank you for your concern.

Iranian judge warns families of detainees

Judge Haddad who has been appointed to take care of the those arrested protesters cases warned families not to contact the media. Otherwise, they won´t get any further news about their children.

Sohrab Arabi´s funeral

Video from Sohrab´s funral

Pictures from the funeral (gooya) >>

Families continute gathering in front of Evin

Families of arrested protesters gathered this afternoon in front of Evin prison with slogans "Allhoakbar"and "Death to dictator"

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sohrab Arabi, Shot to death June 15

"Sohrab Arabi was shot under protest demonstrations"

Summery of news:
According to reliable news Sohrab Arabi´s family got the news of his death yesterday. He was shot to death by a Bassiji militia on June 15 while participating in peaceful demonstration.
There was no sign of torture on Sohrab´s body.
Sohrab´s family had visited Evin prison and other authorities since June 15 but never got any response. His family got a rumor about Sohrab being in Evin prison but yesterday security forces showed the family a picture of dead bodes and they could identify Sohrab.

More (Farsi)

Sohrab Arabi´s memorial at his family´s home

Memorial: آپادانا - خیابان نرگس - بلوک 36 - ورودی سوم - طبقه ی 5
Funeral: July 12. 98 AM BEHESHTE Zahra outside mortuary

Families of detainees continue gathering in front of Evin prison, and the Revolutionary Court

By Human Rights and democracy activists (Farsi)

More about Sohrab Arabi

Sohrab Arabi was supposed to be released on 7 July. He died in prison couple of days after her mother paid the bail.

Kaveh Mozafari was Arrested

The Feminist School:
Kaveh Mozafari was arrested by security officials near his home. Kaveh was accompanying his mother in law, Ms. Bayat, whose health was in bad condition to the Mostafa Khomeini Hospital located in Italia street.
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Sohrab Arabis will be buried tomorrow

While Sohrabs mother was waiting outside Evin prison looking for news about her son, Sohrab died after being beaten by integrators.
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Unconfirmed: Sohrab Arabi 19 years old killed in Evin prison.

Sohrab´s mother outside Evin prison

"Prison Confessions Have No Legal Validity"

State tv forces young men and women "confessions" . Fereshteh Ghazi from roozonline talks with Jurists Seifzadeh and Ghanbari


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Monday, July 6, 2009

"My Brother Was Only 18"

By Parastoo Sepehri,
Ashkan Sohrabi was a young 18-year-old who was killed on Saturday, June 20, after being shot by security and Basiji forces. After much investigation, I was able to get a hold of Elham Sohrabi, Ashkan's sister. This is my interview with her.

Mourning Mothers Attacked
After 20 black-attired women who had gathered at Laleh Park in Tehran to mourn their loved one who were killed in the post election protests were arrested earlier this week,...
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Interview with mother of Yaghoub Barvayeh shot by Basij forces before his death

By The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran
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Jila Bani Yaghoub’s Mother : My Children haven’t Committed any Crime, They Just Tell the Truth!

Feminist school : Ten days ago (June 20) Jila Bani Yaghoub and her husband Bahman Ahmadi Amouie , both journalists, that were arrested at their home by plain clothes security forces and since then Jila has called her family once but there is not any information about Bahman Ahmadi Amouie.
so we interviewed Eshrat Oliyaee , Jila Bani Yaghoub’s mother :
How were you been informed of Jila’s arrest ?
My younger daughter was speaking with her on the phone that evening when Jila told her that....More >>
Security forces are trying to disperse families of recent detainees who gathered itside the Evin prison for father´s day.

Childrens´s message in father´s day

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Father´s day outside the prison.

Tomorrow, Father´s day, families of last weeks detainees are going to gather outside the Evin prison with flowers and gifts in their hands.

Names of 26 victims

Following names are put together by human rights activists in Iran.
1. Mohammad Hossein Barzegar (m) 25. Shot in the head.
2. Seyed Reza Tabatabai (m) 30. Shot in the head.
3.Iman Hashemi (m) 27. Shot in the eye.
4. Parisa Kolli (f) 25. Shot in the neck.
5. Mohsen Haddadi (m) , 24. Shot in the face.
6. Mohammad Nikzadi (m), 22. Shot in the chest.
7. Ali Shahedi (m), 24. Died at police station.
8. Vahed Akbari (m) 34.
9. Abolfazl Habdollahi (m), 21. Shot from behind.
10. Salar tahmasbi (m), 27. Shot in the forehead.
11. Fahimeh Salahshoor (f), 25. Leaded to death after getting beaten by policy.
12. Vahid Reza Tabatabai (m), 29. Shot in the head.

Name of 14 others that was officially announced:

Neda Sultan Agha (f), Fateme Barati (f), Fatemeh RajabPour (f) and her daughter, Kasra Sharafi (f), Mobina Ehterami (f), Kambiz Shoaai (m) , Mohsen Imani (m) , Nasser Amirnejad (m) , Iman Namazi (m) , Mostafa Ghanian (m) , Bahman Jenabi (m) , Ashkan Sohrabi (m) and Kave alikor (m) .

Zeynab Peyghambarzade released

Women rights activist who got arrested in yesterdays peaceful sit-in in Laleh Park was released today.

A mother´s letter

Hamze Ghalebi´s open letter about arrest of her son (Farsi)
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"We will continue util detainees released."

"Mourning Mothers of Iran announce protest for next Sat in Laleh Park, vow to keep it up until detainees released"
Source: Lara Setrakian ABC News

Mothers released

" The “mothers for mourning” demonstrators arrested in Laleh Park last week and supporters such as women’s rights activist Zeynab Peyghambarzadeh have also been freed. "

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mourning the dead in Tehran

Photos by Hanif:
"Tehran 1st July 2009. The bodies of protesters - and some innocent victims - are being laid to rest in Behesht-e Zahra ceremony in Tehran following the violence in Iran. Families have to mourn their losses in private; the government has not allowed memorial ceremonies to be held."

Mothers at cemetery

Mourning mothers at Beheste Zahra cemetery
More pictures at Demotix
2015 GMT:Reports that women’s rights activist Zeynab Peyghambarzadeh was arrested today in the “Mothers of Martyrs” rally in Laleh Park.

Zeynab Peyghambarzadeh was arrested today.

Women's rights activist and journalist Zeynab Peyghambarzadeh was arrested at 4 july
in Laleh park in Tehran.
Unconfirmed news:
Zeynab Peyghambar Zadeh was arrested today in Laleh Park,She is member of women commission of "Office for Strengthening Unity.

500 beaten by police during The Mourning mothers gathering at Laleh park.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mothers of protest victims call for new demonstrations

Tehran, 2 July (AKI) - The mothers of protesters killed by Iranian authorities during the post-election turmoil have called for fresh demonstrations in Tehran to mark their deaths. "We are inviting all the people to protest every Saturday at 7 p.m., to congregate at Tehran's public parks, in particular the one in Laleh, to remember our sons, unjustly killed by police authorities during the recent protests," said a statement from a group, calling itself the Mourning Mothers, published on the Iranian site Roozonline on Thursday.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Report from last Saturdays gathering

(Farsi) on Radio Zamaneh Link

Mothers second statement

Change for equality: The silent mourning of mothers on Saturday June 27th 2009 in Laleh Park in Tehran was violently suppressed by security forces. A number of mothers and young women attending this peaceful gathering were detained by the security forces.

Despite the crackdown by the security forces and their attempt to disperses the attendees, more than 500 women and mothers were able to continue with the sit-in and gatherings in the main spot of the park. These mothers were peacefully gathering to commemorate the young men and women who had participated in the non-violent post-election demonstrations and had been martyred.

Following our first announcement, we- the mourning mothers of the martyrs- will continue with our peaceful sit-in in Laleh Park and other parks in Tehran. We will do so till we see the end of violence on the streets, freeing of all those arrested for participating in the peaceful protests after the June 12th election specially our fellow mothers who had been arrested last Saturday and the prosecution of those responsible for our children’s death. Our sit-ins will be in Laleh park and the following parks every Saturday from 7-8 p.m.

Laleh Park Andishe Park Mellat Park Gofegoo Park

Dear Mothers! Our mother instinct has forced us to demand justice for our children and freeing those who are detained or in prisons. We invite you to join our grassroots peaceful gatherings in the above-mentioned parks on Saturdays.

To our boys and brothers in the security forces! We are your mothers. We treat you as mothers and with respect. Respect us and our wishes and refrain from inflicting harm onto your mothers. Our sighs will follow you if you treat us with violence.

The Mourning Mothers of Iran

Why Are You Afraid of Us?

By: Azadeh Hajizadeh
Change for equality:

Following the appeal by a group of mourning mothers who intended to hold a peaceful march at seven in the evening, in silence around the pond in Laleh Park in Tehran, I went to the park, even though I am not a mother. All the same to show my respect for these dear mothers I did not want them to be alone.

These mothers in their appeal had written that at seven in the evening, the same time at which Neda Aghasoltani was mercilessly gunned down and as a result of which she had become a symbol of our children’s resistance, they wished to assemble in the area where Neda had been killed in Amir Kabir Street near Laleh Park, and to display through their silence their anger and grief.

A number of those mothers whose children are among the disappeared brought photographs of their sons and a number of the mothers also came with black candles and ribbons so that they might set up signs of mourning near the water feature. It was clear that whatever they wanted, perhaps their silence had deafened the ears of the authorities who had could put up with it no longer and who sent forces on foot to surround them. At five in the afternoon the police forbade the women to sit on the benches near the pond. As they were expelling the women from the park, some of those who were protesting said that everyone should go but that this one woman should remain so that they might help her.

A woman in a black chador was protesting, saying, "tell me that the government is a military one, then I will go". They were insulting the woman in such an obscene way that another mother could no longer put up with it and said to them, "we consider you different from the plainclothes agents and you shouldn’t speak in this way, you are the security forces and you should speak in a lawful manner". In response, the officer in charge of the security forces insulted the woman in an even uglier way and said that everyone should move to the other side of the park.

In the program it had been stated that the silence would begin at seven, but at five the women, who were mostly middle-aged or older, had occupied the second row of benches, behind the first one, and the number of women had increased so much that they actually prevented women, especially those wearing black, from entering the park, and then brought police cars into the park. One officer started filming the faces of the women, which met with unanimous protest. The officers conducted everyone to one particular area and began to beat and abuse them, arresting a number of them and breaking up the demonstration. The number of women arrested and taken to the Shapur temporary detention center was more than twenty. Perhaps others were taken to the Vozara detention center, but we have no information from other detention centers.

In any case, in my opinion this was a spontaneous movement that can be repeated every week, as long as the police consider the matter more reasonably. Why is this? Because this gathering neither closed roads, nor involved chanting slogans, nor the distribution of declarations. None of the above! It simply involved a number of concerned and mourning mothers sitting on the ground a distance apart and wanting with their silence to raise a mighty cry.

It is unbelievable in a country like ours in which the president says that freedom exists to a near absolute degree that these gentlemen can be so scared of a handful of concerned and mourning mothers that they appear on foot in such force that one would imagine (God forbid) that the USA or Israel had invaded. They surround the park in order to create a strange fear and terror among people lest they commit any sort of fault.

I am ashamed. I do not know why. I cannot look into the eyes of these mothers, but their voice resounds in my ears:

"Why are they afraid of us? They are making a mistake, they should let us put on our ceremonies and we would remain calm.

We’ll come so often that we’ll get on their nerves, because don’t we have the right after all? Do the bullies have all the rights?

You see, this crown and throne has kept its promise to no-one, and it won’t keep its promise to them either, they must hold onto their own respect.

How should our children have committed a fault for believing in justice?

It’s our fault, if we hadn’t gone into the streets thirty years ago our children would not be in trouble today.

My son was supposed to be taking the university entrance exam, I said to them, let him go for the exam, I ran after them for a week but they did not keep their word. He studied for a year for the exam but he has been passed over.

State television said rioters killed Neda? They mean the people, but who’ll believe that?

If rioters killed her, why don’t they give permission for mourning ceremonies?

Don’t let them say that the state broadcaster is at all a national broadcaster. I e-mailed an appeal to the state broadcaster, if it was truly national someone would have come along today and made a good report about this. And then they have the nerve to say to us that you are listening to the voices of foreigners!

They also brought along female police. Really, what are the authorities thinking? Do they have an easy life? Do they not see misfortunes? Don’t their own children come along to these marches? Why do they put so much effort into repression? Really, aren’t they ashamed at themselves because of how old we are?"