Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mohsen Ruh-ol-Amini's father: My son was killed under torture

Iranbaan- Fereshte Ghazi

Mohsen Ruh-ol-Amini's funeral tomorrow @ 4pm in Balal mosque. Karoubi will attend.

Infectious diseases & meningitis are raging in the prisons.

Min. of health, during the past days we've send over 2k strong Penicillin & anti-Meningitis shots to prisons.

Mohsen's mather: My Mohsen's gone, worry about the other Mohsens.
Mohsen's father: To receive the body they made us sign an undertaking not to sure anyone.

He didn't receive medical attention after being injured, his blood got infected & got meningitis from 40° fever

Mohsen Ruh-ol-Amini's father: My son was beaten to death & killed under torture.

Mohsen Ruh-ol-Amini was arrested on July 9th by plain cloths & taken to the police in Amirabad (Kargar) ave.

Mousavi / Karoubi supporters have announced they will be at IRIB's Balal mosque tomorrow chanting Allah-o-Akbar.

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