Monday, July 20, 2009

A mother´s letter to her daughter in prison: "In this country it is a crime to defend human rights. "

My dearest Shiva
This last month you've been away from us, I have sought the memory of you all over the house and recalled memories from your childhood. When you were born, when you fought against death at the hospital in Tajrish.
The month has been like a century for me. Wondering if you get enough food i prison, how you're sleeping on hard floor on a thin blanket.
I ask myself if those who took you and others from their mothårs, if they have children? They certainly have. But they are not mothers.
My only small satisfaction these days has been that I am not alone. When I go to the Revolution Court, Evin prison and other authorities, I meet hundreds of mothers who also are looking for their children but do not get a response.
Shiva, you do not know what we have gone through without you. Young men and woken whoes only crime was that they had green shawl around the head bathed in blood and met their creator and their mothers weep blood.
When I see these mothers, I am glad you are not here. Because I would not be able to make you keep quiet. You feel the pain and sorrow of people and it was the offense thet got you to solitary confinement for so long.
For in our country, it is a crime to defend human rights.

Shahrzad Kariman mother of Shiva Nazar A’hari, human rights activist, who have been arrested for 36 days

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