Monday, June 29, 2009

Gathering of mourning mothers: every Saturday at 7 pm in Laleh Park, in memory of Neda and others who were killed

Change for equality: On saturday June 20th at 7 pm, another young blossom of our land was crushed in front of our eyes. Neda Agha Soltan, is a symbol of the young women and men of this land who pursue justice and equality lawfully and are confronted illegally and killed ruthlessly.

In less than two weeks, more than 800 of our children were arrested, hundreds were injured, and tens killed. For what sin are you murdering our children? For what crime have you made all mothers of Iran mourn the deaths of their youth?

We will not give up our rights and the rights of our offspring.

Until the release of all detainees who were arrested for protesting election fraud, and until the end of violence and until the murderers of our children are prosecuted, we will gather to mourn in silence every Saturday at 7 pm near where our dear Neda was killed, in Amirabad Street, Laleh Park, by the pond.

We invite all mothers who are concerned for the well-being of their daughters and sons, the real treasures of this land, to join us.

Mothers were photographed at gatheing by state newspapers
Today a group of people including women's rights activists assembled in Laleh Park to light candles in memory of Neda and other martyrs. The protesters were dispersed by the police and plainclothesmen using violent tactics. There were also many policewomen. Many people were arrested and hauled away. Reporters of Keyhan and Fars newspapers were taking people pictures with cameras.

Amateur video from mothers gathering

Based on what sin have you murdered our children?

Along these lines, a group of women calling themselves "The Mourning Mothers" issued a call for peaceful protests at Laleh Park at 7:00 on Saturdays, near the area where Neda was killed on Saturday, Jun. 20.
The statement reads: "Based on what sin have you murdered our children? Why have you forced all mothers into mourning?"
The mothers have demanded an end to violence, the prosecution of those who have committed violence, and the release of over 800 persons arrested over the past two weeks.
It seems that with this new call to action, women will continue to have an active presence in the protests, which have taken on new dimensions objecting not only to election fraud but to violent suppression of peaceful dissent.

Faces of the dead and detained


Iran election: We want to put a face to each of those hundreds - possibly thousands - killed or arrested since the Iranian election. See Link

Mother´s of Laleh´s statement

Saturday June 27 at 19:00 got another one of our country's most beautiful flowers ripped out in front of ours and the who world´s eyes.
Neda Agha Sultan is the symbol for all young men and women who legally seek justice and equality but are crushed in the most brutal way and against country's own laws.
In less than two weeks has more than 800 of our children have been arrested, hundreds have been injured and tens have been killed.
What crime have they committed to deserve death? Why do we Iranian mothers have to bear this enormous grief? What is our crime?
Wei will never let this crime against us and our children pass by unnoticed.
From now until the release of all detained demonstrators, the cessation of violence and untill our children's killers receive their punishment, we will every week 19:00 gather in silent mourning near the place where our beloved martyr Neda died Amiraabad street park Lale, at park pond).
We urge all parents who are concerned about their daughters and sons, the future capital av our countryto join us.
Iranian Mourning mothers

Lördagen den 27 juni klockan 19:00 rycktes ännu en av vårt lands vackraste blommor bort framför vår och världens ögon.
Neda Agha Sultan är symbolen för alla de unga män och kvinnor som på lagliga vägar söker rättvisa och jämlikhet men krossas på det mest brutala sätt och mot alla landets egna lagar.
På mindre än två veckor har fler än 800 av våra barn har arresterats, hundratals har skadats och tiotalet har dödats.
Vilka brott har de begått som förtjänar döden? Varför måste vi iranska mödrar bära denna enorma sorg? Vad är vårt brott?
Denna illgärning mot oss och våra barn låter vi aldrig passera obemärkt.
Från och med nu tills alla fängslade demonstranter friges, våldet upphör och våra barns mördare fått sitt straff kommer vi varje vecka klocka 19:00 samlas i tyst sorgmanifestation nära den plats där vår kära martyr Neda miste livet sitt liv (Amiraabad gatan parken Lale, vid parkdammen).
Vi uppmanar alla föräldrar som oroar sig för sina döttrar och söner som är landets framtida kapital att gör oss sällskap.
Sörjande iranska mödrar

Mothers: Why are they afraid of us?

Azade Hajizade´s article about mother´s gathering (Farsi)
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Mother´s of arrested protesters were beaten by security forces

Change for Equality Website reports on the arrest of mothers who have lost their children during these protests. On Saturday June 27th mothers of those who have lost their children during these protests gathered in Laleh Park in Tehran. There were no slogans, no flags or signs. Many of the mothers were carrying candles or the pictures of their children, and standing in silence, perhaps wanting their silence to speak for them. According to news from this site Laleh Park was full of security forces that attacked the mothers without mercy, insulted, threatened and beat them. At least 20 of these mothers were arrested and taken to an unknown location.