Saturday, July 18, 2009

Interview with Shadi Sadr´s husband

From Fereshte Ghazi ( interview with Shadi Sadr´s husband Hosssein Nilchian (summary from twitter)

"It seems that they saved a piece for Shadi in their jigsaw, they’re trying to complete.
Yesterday, a few hours after her arrest, security forces searched Shadi’s house.
Her belongings and manuscripts, her, her husband, her daughter’s PC, & Nilchian’s photography were taken from Shadi’s house
- They showed a warrant and said they are from security police; Then they searched the whole house.
With Shadi’s being arrested, her client, having been sentenced to death, has to attend the court alone today without lawyer.
They could have arrested her in house or work place or summoned her to court instead of kidnapping her intimidatingly and savagely. Her identity, work place, and address are known to the authorities.
There hadn’t been any clashes in the place they arrested her, proving that this was not at all an accident."

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