Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mourning Mothers continue marching in the park

Saturday August 1, a group of mothers gathered in Laleh park to protest against recent months arrests and killings of demonstrators
Women, about 40 of them, gathered by the pound in the park.
Police and plainclothes were walking around and keeping women under observation.
By 19:45 mothers started to march in the park square. Groups of people from around the park joined them.
Others were asking mothers why they march and some raised their hands making the victory sign.
Police forces who did not expected such a move from mothers surrounded women and tried to force them out of the park by driving vehicles trough the crowd.
Other officers photographed the demonstrators.
The march lasted 20 minutes. At the end mothers lifted their hand showing victory sign and then left the park.
Mourning mothers will continue the gathering every Saturday in the parks.

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